The quick reception of tablets, smartphones and other mobility devices has been a double-edged sword for IT pros. On one hand, these gadgets have prompted an exceptional jump in workforce efficiency. Individuals can work anyplace whenever – notwithstanding when they are in a hurry. Then again, these gadgets present security dangers at numerous levels of the professional workplace and another variety of potential costs that can spiral out of control if not oversaw suitably.

To get involved with this challenging opportunity, you require a far reaching system to oversee, incorporate, and secure cell phones that not only tend to the present needs, but builds a lifecycle platform for what’s to come.

Mobile Device Management Features

GD MDM secures all your devices, allowing you to manage your mobile fleet security policy with precision. The solution offers a range of powerful security features to protect sensitive company data stored on mobile devices.

Keep control and protect yourself from cyber-attacks:

  •   Set the level of complexity of your passwords
  •   Activate mobile device encryption
  •   Lock the mobile device remotely
  •   Control the authorization for the use of the camera
  •   Erase all data from the remote terminal (reset)