Flat-Fee Residential Services

We have set prices for each Residential issue. Come into the shop today, to see what we can offer you.

Whether delivered through the Cloud, on-premise, or a combination of both, General Debug’s fixed-fee technology solutions are customized to proactively manage the IT Infrastructure, Support and Strategy for our clients.

All services are combined into Solutions that include:

  • Proactive Technology Management through centralized services for security (patch management, anti-spyware and malware management, spam management), desktop/laptop optimization, documentation, email management, voice services and data backup administration
  • Network Administration through a dedicated network administrator for a technology summary, 30 best practices¬†with over 300 sub-categories and a centralized service report review
  • Technology Consulting through a dedicated fractional Chief Information Officer delivering a technology roadmap and regularly scheduled meetings for strategic and budgetary planning
  • Support Services through General Debug’s internal client Remote Engineering Team for help desk support, on-site support, problem identification and resolution, knowledge base, client portal and mobility support
  • General Debug’s fixed-fee solutions are predictable and scalable as an organization grows or right sizes
  • All Services come with a 6-Month Limited Warranty, pending investigation
Service Price
In-Store Diagnostics FREE
OS Reinstallation (Standalone) $125
Reinstall + Backup and Restore (w/ Customer HDD) $150
Password Reset $75
Part Replacement (Non-Board) $75 + Part (Up-Front)
Part Replacement (Board) $100 + Part (Up-Front)
Laptop / AIO Screen Replacement $75 + Part (Up-Front)
On-Site Assistance $100/ 1st 4 hours + $85/hour additional
Mobile Screen Replacement N/A
PC Build (Includes OS Installation) $400 + Parts (Up-Front)
Website Development Please Call for Pricing, as all sites are custom and require different amounts of work.